CERC Launch

CERC launch

Joan Tronto and Carlo Leget launch Care Ethics Research Consortium (CERC)

Prof. Tronto is one of care ethics’ pioneers and an internationally recognized political theorist; Prof. Leget is chair of the Dutch Care Ethics group at the University of Humanistic Studies (UHS) in the Netherlands, the place where a Master in Care Ethics is being taught. Tronto presently holds a honorary doctorate at this university. Springing from this collaboration, the consortium will be based at the University of Humanistic Studies. Furthermore, the consortium will build on the European network of care ethical scholars that has been developed over the past few years.[pullquote]We do it in a care ethical way: we build the consortium from what there is already, building upon existing relations. – Carlo Leget[/pullquote]

Up to date, there is no consortium in the world that aims to connect scholars who work in the field of the ethics of care and care theory. Therefore, this venture is seen as a potentially valuable contribution to the field of research in the ethics of care worldwide. The initiators aim for a close collaboration with other parties (also non-European) as to ensure shared ownership and commitment.

The International Care Ethical Research Consortium is envisioned to function as an epicenter where scientists from a rich variety of continents (Europe, North-America, Africa, Asia) meet each other. As such, the consortium can be seen as a:

  • Clearing house: where ideas and research projects or publications are negotiated and carried out;
  • Meeting space: to freely explore and connect emerging insights with colleagues during conferences and shared publications or to explore possibilities for visiting scholarships;
  • Knowledge platform: to systematically gather, connect and share critical insights with each other, students, the world.[pullquote]There are a lot of possibilities, so this is an invitation to you.- Joan Tronto[/pullquote]

Care ethical scholars who are interested to join the International Care Ethical Research Consortium can contact Prof. Joan Tronto (jctronto@umn.edu), Prof. dr. Carlo Leget (c.leget@uvh.nl) , Dr. Inge van Nistelrooij (i.vannistelrooij@uvh.nl), and/or Dr. Merel Visse (merel.visse@uvh.nl).